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Entropy Scrap Along- Scrap Busting - Week 1 & 2 (August 22- September 4th)

Week 1: Sort Scraps or Choose Precuts 

Scrappy Version (Click here if you are using charm packs, layer cakes, fat eighths, or fat quarters)

This week we will be choosing our fabrics for our Entropy Scrap Along! The modified pattern uses the following scrap sizes: 4.5", 5", 7.25", & 10" squares to make background squares and half square triangles. To quickly sort your scraps into usable scraps that can be cut down to the following sizes follow these tips. Click Here for the printable templates and labels.

  • Print off the labels and attach to containers. Boxes, baskets, sacks and mini totes work great. Don't forget to add a discard container (label not included) to save the scraps that won't work for this project for another. 

  • Print off the size templates to quickly sort scraps into the correct sized bins. 

Use the templates to make sure the scrap is usable. The scrap needs to be larger than the template, if there is any question or if it is a hair too small, put it in the size below. 

The above picture shows a scrap that almost works, but is slightly too small and should be placed in the size below scrap bin, while the bottom scrap picture shows a scrap with enough allowance on each side to cut down to a 5" square. 


 After you have sorted your scraps, we will start to build a color story. I use the saying ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) to help me sort my colors without having to think about it too much. I usually include browns with the oranges.  I make two additional piles for white/cream/light fabrics and for darker prints that are mostly black in color.  Do this for each bin of fabrics. 

As you are sorting and building a color story, if there are fabrics that you just don't like, feel free to pull it out and add it to your discard pile. After you cut the fabrics into the appropriate sizes and determine how many half square triangles you can make, you can add additional yardage to enhance your color story or add additional length/width. 
Now to decide if you plan to use additional yardage or  scraps to create half square triangle units. After cutting our scraps to size we can decide.

Continue to cutting...

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