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Entropy Scrap Along: Week 1 & Week 2: Cutting Background Fabric

Cutting Additional Fabric

So you have your scraps and fat quarters cut or you're working with charm packs or layer cakes and you want it to look modern and fresh and use additional yardage your for quilt? No problem!

To determine the additional yardage you will need, use the following excel worksheet (click here)  to determine how much you need. This work sheet even tells you how many WOF (width of fabric) to cut from your yardage and how many squares from total.  Here are the cutting diagrams for the following pieces based on a standard 42" WOF. As you can see you can get (4) 10" squares from a 10" WOF, (5) 7.25" squares from a 7.25" WOF, (8) 5" squares from a 5" WOF, and (9) 4.5" squares from a 4.5" WOF. 


Check out this video that explains how to use the excel spreadsheet. Also if you don't have access to excel, feel free to email me at and will generate your yardage for you!




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