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Entropy Scrap Along - Week 3 (Sept. 5-11) - Piece Half Square Triangles

Are you all ready to actually sew something?

        Yep! We've finally made it to the point where we get to use our sewing machines. First we will be pairing all of our fabrics together with a corresponding square of the same size. These squares will become an HST unit, so I recommend making sure they have contrast between them. For my "super scrappy" inverse entropy quilt, I paired all of my colored squares with a low volume square.        

      What's low volume mean Summer? Well its basically any fabric that is white or cream fabrics with prints, that read as a single color from afar. Check out the close up photo of my block below and then the picture further out. Can you see how the print on the white fabric is almost unnoticeable with distance?

      We will mark the "lighter" colored square of our paired squares. To do this I recommend using a frixion pen because we will be cutting on these marked lines we don't have to worry about it showing up on our fabrics later. If you are using mostly dark fabrics, I recommend marking with a Hera marker.

Below we will mark and sew our squares to create half square triangles (HSTs). All methods use a scant 1/4" seam allowance. This is important because these square sizes are "tight". That means that a larger seam allowance than a 1/4" will cause your half square triangles to be less than the desired 4.5". If you haven't found your scant 1/4" yet please watch this video and find it before beginning to sew.  



The pattern and the scrap along square sizes vary. Don't be confused by this!  The pattern uses 5.25" squares and 10.25" squares, the scrap along uses 5" and 10" squares to accommodate precuts. Despite the size difference the methods are the same for all sizes. 

 Note:  If you are using a clearly slotted trimming ruler you will skip pressing your block open until after trimming; which is allotted for in the next two weeks (Sep. 12-18 & Sept 19-25). 

A few tips for staying organized while piecing.

        1.  Piece your blocks in batches of colors. What do I mean by this? For example, chain piece all of your blue blocks together, and then cut, stack, and press.  Then repeat, with red, orange and yellow. This will keep your colors organized and reduce time spent reorganizing by color. 

        2. Pin your squares together to reduce the blocks from slipping out of alignment with one another while sewing. If blocks aren't lined up, you will have issues with block size and we don't want that! 


5" or 5.25" Squares - 2 at a time HST Method

7.25" Squares (scrap version only)- 4 at a time HST Method

This method cuts the HSTs on the bias. Why should you care? Being cut on the bias can cause them to stretch and become misshapen, but we can avoid this! Press the seams gently and use a dry iron when pressing them. 



10" or 10.25" Squares - 8 at a time HST Method


Half Square Triangle Blocks

The blocks should come out slightly larger than 4.5". In order to ensure our blocks are uniform and create a beautifully pieced quilt, we will be trimming each block. We will explore the various trimming methods in the following week. 


Let's Review Our Week 3 Goals

 1. Pair all of our squares together.

2. Piece all of our squares to create half square triangle units.

3. Press all blocks using preferred pressing method, unless using a clearly slotted ruler to trim. 

4. And have a great week of course!

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