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How to Create a Quilt Inspired Gallery Wall in Your Home

I am back today with a super fun tutorial on how I created a Quilt block inspired wall gallery. I created my own prints; which are available for free to download here: Set of 12 Traditional Quilt Blocks For 8"x10" Digital Art Prints or if you want to create your own feel free too! 

To download the files from the zipped file you will need to save the zipped file and then click extract all on the folder icon and follow the prompts from your computer. 

To begin with, I created a total of 12 of my favorite traditional quilt blocks using graphic design software. Here is a snapshot of the blocks that I created and are included. 

I saved these as jpegs and then I scoped out the cheapest place to get the pictures printed. I ended up going with Wal Greens who often has a 50% off all prints promo, so it cost me about $2/print and a grand total of about $25 dollars after tax. I also chose same day pickup, since waiting isn't my strong suit. 

For the picture frames, I scoped out Amazon and Walmart for what my cheapest options would be. Although for a much eclectic look, I suggest going to your local thrift stores and looking for 8" x 10" frames.  I ended up going with these in black because they had 12 in stock at my local Wal Mart. I paid about $2.50/frame for a total of about $30.   

Here is the link for the frames I chose: Mainstays 8x10 Front Loading Picture Frame, Black - . They also have them in white!


After I picked the frames and prints up, I loaded the prints into the picture frames and hung them. The hanging specifics I describe will be specific to the frames above; which are the ones I used. 

For hanging, I decided where I wanted to start my top middle of my gallery wall. I marked that spot, and then I measured over 13" to both my right and left making sure to stay level. I marked both spots. (This distance, with these frames creates a 5" gap between pictures.) I used push pins, these ones,

  to hang the pictures, which worked fine, but you could use an alternative method. 

To hang my middle row, I measured over 4" from each picture to find the center  and down 5 3/4" down and marked each spot. I did this for the three pictures in the middle row and then continued this strategy for the last row. If you are doing all 12 prints you will have to decide whether you want to do 3 columns by 4 rows or 4 columns by 3 rows and adjust. 

Then ta-daaaa I now have the cutest little quilt block art gallery wall and after it was all said and done only cost about $60 total. 

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