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The Perfect Children's Adventure Fabric


It's finally a summer filled with the possibility of adventure and I found the perfect fabric for my wild child.  It's called "Adventure is Calling" by Dani Mogstad for Riley Blake Designs. 



It has plaid, the cutest tree print, tents, constellations and wild animals. I think they checked all the boxes for an adventure fabric line that's perfect for a project I have been avoiding. A quilted sleeping bag!

I've been yearning to make a quilted sleeping bag for some time now, my husband has asked me numerous times to try my hand at making him one. He and our child are both ovens, and for the most part, a quilt is the perfect layer for our camping adventures (usually in a camper). So the goal was to create a sleeping bag that can go outside (not too pretty, where I never let my family use it because I do that) , but also be used inside to pretend to camp on days I am stuck inside and my child needs a little adventure for his restless heart. 

Using simple half square triangle blocks, I created a 54" x54" quilt top. I basted & quilted as normal. 

 Then using a curve template I curved the corners on all edges of the quilt. Why did I do this? Well I figured, it'd be much easier to add a zipper to a curved edge than try to fight with a zipper at a 90 degree angle. 

After trimming my corners to curves, I proceeded to make my binding. I choose a wider binding 2.5" so it would look better once I added a zipper. What a feat adding that zipper was tough! 

I added the binding to the front of the quilt, and then gently matching the binding and the curve of the quilt once reaching the corners. I finished the binding by stitching in the ditch. I then added the zipper. Ugh, twice. Yep, I did it completely backwards the first time. Also I should add, I was doing this at 2 AM, so my thought process was at 25% capacity, but I digress. 

Was it worth it? I'd say so! It fits perfectly in our kiddo's room and backyard.  The prints are fantastic for children who love all things adventure and a great combo of unisex colors.  




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