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Traditional Quilt, Modern Flair

Are you looking for a way to make an otherwise traditional quilt pattern modern? Well a color fade and rounded corners just might be the flair you are looking for. 


Using Lo & Behold Stitchery’s reworked “Celtic Crossing” pattern, the ombré version, and a paper plate, I was able to take this otherwise traditional pattern and make it completely fabulous using Bee Cross Stitch fabrics. I owe Lori Holt and Riley Blake Designs the biggest high fives for these fabrics because they knocked it out of the park. I am a solids girl at heart, but felt right at home using these babies and the extra bit of texture of the patterned fabric is just the sugar on top. 


Now how did I do it? Well a small plate did the trick. A random paper plate from a superhero themed bash at approximately 7” diameter saved the day. How fitting right? But almost any plate will work as long as its a circular. 

First, line the plate up with the sides touching both the vertical and horizontal edge of the quilt as shown. 

Using a marker, (Frixion, disappearing or Hera marker are all great options),  mark around the plate as shown.

Using a rotary cutter or scissors trim on the marked line to produce a rounded edge. 

Next, binding time! Now you are probably thinking this is the “tricky” part, but its relatively easy if you go slow, I promise! Make binding as normal and begin attaching as you normally would until you reach the beginning of the curved corner. Slowly match your binding curve to your quilt curve about a 1/2” at a time, following the gentle curve of your quilt. 

Repeat, until you make your way around the curve and hit the straight edge of your quilt again. Do this on each upcoming curve and finish binding by attaching to the back using your preferred method of finishing. I prefer to stitch in the ditch, which is how I finished this one, but if you prefer to finish by hand, that’s cool too!

What else is cool? Or for a better description cold, was this photo shoot in the wild, but dang it was worth it. 

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